Cultivating a state of harmony, purity and inner security is possible when you live more slowly and with intention. 

SattvasLives believes in a deep and balanced life

Find out how the power of scents and other natural elements can help us in such vast and majestic ways.

  • Nature and clean

    Clean essences, essential oils, soy wax, ecological wicks and the best intentions are part of these candles.

  • The purpose

    Accompany you to create moments of calm and slowness, with intention and harmony for your integral well-being.

  • Hand poured

    Handmade in small batches, in a loving environment with carefully selected materials to give you the most genuine and healthy experience with your candle.

Created with intention and a touch of magic

Each candle created on SattvasLives has a loving purpose that brought it to life.

With clean, responsible ingredients focused on raising and boosting your energy.

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