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Blissful Oil Roller

Blissful Oil Roller

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Its featured aromas are:

Pink Lychee · Orange · Tiger Lily · Hibiscus   

A magical and harmonious dance between the sweetness, the activating energy of citrus fruits and the herbaceous light of these oils in perfect combination. It is bright, cheerful with a slight warmth that embraces the heart.

  • Aromatherapy benefits: 

Enthusiasm · Radiant · Energize 

At the moment of creating it, when I felt the effect of its aromas, a phrase came to mind and I want to share it with you:

· I enjoy my life ·

I invite you to smell this mixture, breathe deeply and slowly, and then repeat this phrase.



  • Cold-pressed avocado oil 
  • Essential Oil Blend

Use tips

You can place it to your liking, I invite you to rub a little close to your hands, rub them against each other and then bring them closer to your nose and breathe deeply, slowly and consciously.

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