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Flow Oil Roller

Flow Oil Roller

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Its featured aromas are:

Fresh Sage · Dark Violet · Eucalyptus · Lavender 

Its fresh notes, in the union of calming aromas such as lavender that is supported by the green of the eucalyptus.

·This majestic mix makes you feel floating, connected, it's like living without effort or resistance·

  • Aromatherapy benefits: 

Calm · Harmony · Balance

At the moment of creating it, when I felt the effect of its aromas, a phrase came to mind and I want to share it with you:

· I live to the rhythm of my soul ·

I invite you to smell this mixture, breathe deeply and slowly, and then repeat this phrase.


  • Cold-pressed avocado oil 
  • Essential Oil Blend

Use tips

You can place it to your liking, I invite you to rub a little close to your hands, rub them against each other and then bring them closer to your nose and breathe deeply, slowly and consciously.

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